I have seen a lot of others do this, and I wanted to do it too. It's not my idea, but shoutout to whoever came up with it.


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I'm kinda skinny, but do have some curves. I have long, blond hair. It's lighter at the end and is now getting darker and darker at the top. My eyes are green, with a little brown in them.


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I love jeans! I use them the whole year around, and love to put a nice t-shirt or sweater on with them. At summer I love to walk around in a cute jumpsuit or dress. I also love off-shoulder tops<3


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I really want to travel to the USA and become a forensic anthropologist. Probably my biggest dream!


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I love listening to music. If you're looking for me, there are good chances that you'll find me in my room listening to music while being on We Heart It on my computer


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I love blue and also all the colors included in a sunset.


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To be honest I don't have a favorite season because I think there's something beautiful and unique about each of them.

Hobbies and Passions:

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My two favorite series are definitely Bones and Shadowhunters!


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The place I love most in the world is my bed. We have a special relationship, you know?

That was all for this time! I hope you liked it<33