Hello, guys! So I decided to create a little article series called Alter Ego that details the personality traits of the people in my alternative universe. It may sound weird, but I've always found comfort in creating characters in my head who are different from me, ranging from the way they dress, talk, act, etc. The amount of hearts and reactions I get on these articles doesn't matter to me, but feedback is much appreciated!
I hope you all enjoy. xoxo
He's a troubled soul, drowning in his own misery.
Eyes filled with nothingness, ready to break.
His thoughts linger over the girl he once was compared to the boy he is now.
He's lost everything . . . even himself. His eyes remain crystalline from the tears that are ready to fall.
He craves the warmth of his girl in his arms, the smell of her perfume, and the feel of her body pressed up against his.
Those cravings are nothing but a figment of his imagination. His dire need to be himself precluding his fantasies from turning into reality.
He wishes he were different; that he didn't feel the way that he did. But what good does it do to wish when he knows wishes aren't the answer. Wishes aren't real.
In the end, he's always going to be Sander—not Sandra or Sandy. Just Sander.
Sander. Soft. Alienated. Nothing. Different. Emotional. Raw.
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