The recent week I´ve been to england on a school trip. It wasn´t like I had imagined. It wasn´t quiet as funny, adventurous or memorable as I had dreamed it would be. But still I had fun with my friends and I learned many things about england, its culture and the daily life of english teenagers.
In this article I´ll show you some of the things I discovered during my journey.


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Tegan and Sara ~ U-Turn
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Akon ~ Bananza (Belly Dancer)


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our journey back home has probably offered the most beautiful views of all
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london nightlife: underground station oxford circus


For sure I made some memorable experiences, too. For example on the ferrie we all layed down on the ground because the waves were really high what in fact didn´t make us feel so fine.

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have you ever had a hot chocolat with marshmallows on top? ´cause it´s incredibly tasty
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But nothing´s comparable to an iced coffee, even it had been about 14°F outside :)


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LONDON: I´ve seen the big ben tower - sadly covered in scaffolding, the buckingham palace and the towerbridge; I love the way people dress there
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YORK: a beautiful old city with cute tiny shops and narrow streets - but why are there so many churches and cathedrals in england?? ;)
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STRATFORD: the birthplace of shakespeare... but in fact just another old city
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