WHI Feature is a format presented to you by Team WHI in which we are featuring articles by you - the community. Every collection will showcase beautifully written and inspirational articles around a certain topic.

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It’s time for our next WHI feature! Today’s articles have a wide range of topics that all take the form of a list! Lists are used by a great many of us everyday because of their fun and versatile nature. A wonderful thing about a list is that it can be about anything! You can use lists to explore reasons, methods, ideas, and inspirations. From deciding on your favorite movies to creating the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, a list can be used for practically anything!

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Not to mention how helpful they can be. In fact, making lists have proven benefits, like:

  • Lists create a positive physiological process,where your mind can work through questions or things that confuse you.
  • They help you organize and contain situations that may feel overwhelming and make things seem more manageable.
  • Lists can help you find what steps you need to take, which helps with problem solving and goal achievement.
  • They help you seperate the small things from the big things which can help your sense of identity.
  • But most of all, list foster inspiration and creativity!
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From ideas on how to increase creativity to the reasons you should buy a globe, the WHI community has shown us how much you love lists with your unique and interesting articles.There are so many great articles to choose from for this feature, so we picked just a few that we think are extra special.

Enjoy these amazing articles and we hope that their lists inspire your own creativity!

1) You’ll want to grab a pen after reading this article! @squeeze_life_lemons tell us about ten different types of journals, how to use them and why they are amazing.

2) Hearter @ohsnapitsalice shares the ten great ways to relax and watch the stress leave your life. Be ready to cuddle a kitty or go for a walk after reading this article!

3) Get ready to add some green to your life! Hearter @monroella created a list of all the reasons succulents are a fantastic plant choice.

4) @Amearli tells us all about some amazing places to travel all over the world. You may want to pack your bags and book a ticket after reading this article.

5) Last but definitely not least, @rosesgardenx made a list of the lists that can inspire your life. Bust out a notepad and pen, this article will have you writing out a list of your own!