°.°.° hi this playlist is for a any day that you are outside or really for any day sorry this article probably stinks.°.°.°

pink, sky, and aesthetic image

-1- The look - Metronomy ( this song I just like to walk while I listen to it)

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-2- Never enough - Rex orange county (I really love him)

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-3- Instagram- Dean (nothing to say)

Temporarily removed

-4- heart of glass- Blondie (when I listen to it I feel like I'm in a movie)

Temporarily removed

-5- Under cover darkness -The strokes

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-6- Close to me - The cure

Temporarily removed

-7- Dopamine - Borns (It is very special for me)

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-8- Peach pit - Peach pit

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-9- Freaks - Surf curse ( a classic)

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-10- The sideline - mxmtoon ( i love her )

Temporarily removed

************ xxxxThe rest of the playlist on spotify bay bayxxxx************