Part 3
Just let me go. Do not talk with me. Do not say anything. Do not look at me. Do not pay attention. It makes me mad. When you desire to say something. When you are starting to give me advice. Do not do this.

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I can never realize it is arduous. When you are falling in love you just start live for someone. Eat for him. Dress for him. Act for him. Speak for him. It feel like this is not your life anymore. You are living for another person. If he is not here you start feel depressed. Can’t dress well. Can’t it healthy. Only sweet things and not in time. I am getting fat because of you. Why am I doing such horrible things to my body?
You changed my life. You ruined my old life and built new one. This life is excellent for me but without you. Life where I live perfect, sunny days without you. When I imagined this kind of life I fulfilled happiness. Just go away.

Temporarily removed

Oh. I just closed my eyes and again saw your face. Your eyelashes. By the way your eyelashes is super long and gorgeous. I want to wear on this eyelashes mascara.
OMG. Again. Leave me alone. This is my head. My brain. You have your own. Please, go and live there. My brain is not belong to you. You can’t rule with this. This is my world. I desire to remove you. You have to perish from my brain.

Thanks for reading. Love you 💐
To be continued...