A sonnet on love, one month after Valentine's.
(Manila, 14 March 2018)

Sonnet: Shakespearean
Genre: Drama, Love and Romance

Thesis: Love is merciless.
Antithesis: Love is human.

Since I have loved you, I've not been okay.
I've cried tears upon your pedestal and
stared deep into your eyes, dreaming away...
and these dreams last to eternity's end.
My heart beats and breaks, as long as I love,
from thinking that perhaps infinity:
the sky, the stars, the infinite Above—
God's hand will obstruct, his angels impede;
and God knows how much my suffering's been,
locked in his gaze with the statue of him,
stood under the night sky—tall, white, and lean,
staring blankly, knowing not what's within.
Then lightning cracks the stone by heaven's hand
and reveals then an ordinary man.