hello again. let's talk about drama. to be honest i absolutely hate drama. i don't understand why people can't just talk things out without being a huge fight and hating each other. i'm not going to lie I've been in a lot of drama before. my family calls me a drama freak. yet i love watching and hearing about other peoples drama stories. i think it's the fact that i want to help the people out with their drama. i recently got out of a lot of drama because i told the people that i know what i did/said was wrong and i'm sorry that i did it. it took me awhile to say it because of course i was like "no! if they want to be friends with me then they come to me and say I'm sorry" and "i don't even care about them! i hate them!" but of course i grew out of that little "stage". guess who got dragged back in? yep, i did. i don't even understand why.

so i'll explain. my friend posted on her snap chat story an edit that she made and she was talking about how bad it was. so i was like "no it's actually really good but can i give you some tips?" she didn't say anything for a while so i just started typing some things she could improve. but before i sent it i see that she posted this long paragraph on her story saying how "if people are going to give me tips then you can fuck off cause i edit my way not your way.". i was really confused because i wasn't being rude i was trying to help make it better. all i said was "maybe but the beat drops on the beat so it gives more like idk" her response was "i edit a certain way. i've been editing for 4 years so you don't need to tell me how to edit." what did i say that was so rude that made her freak out? like come on. so then later she told me that she was going to just stop texting me for awhile before she ruins our friendship and shit like that. i just didn't even know what to say to that.

well i hope you read and like this because i really needed to rant. thank you so much. bye!