I love traveling so much and if I could I´ll visit new places every single month. It´s amazing feeling, when you meet new people, know other culture or nature. It makes me more open minded. It´s also my big dream to travel around the world. So here are some places in Europe I want to visit.


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BELGIUM: Brussels, Bruges

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CROATIA: Dubrovnik, Split

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The Czech Republic is already my homeland, but I still love to know places in my country.

DENMARK: Copenhagen

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FINLAND: Helsinki

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GERMANY: Berlin, Cologne

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I plan to visit a partner school in July to improve in German so I hope it will succeed.

GREECE: Athens, Santorini

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HUNGARY: Budapest

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ICELAND: Reykjavik

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IRELAND: Dublin, Cliffs of Moher

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ITALY: Rome, Pompeii

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NORWAY: Oslo, Trolltunga cliff

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I just love northen coutries especially Norway and Sweden <3

POLAND: Warsaw, Krakow

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PORTUGAL: Lisbon, Porto

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SLOVAKIA: Bratislava

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Bratři! Probably the best poem what I´ve ever seen.

SPAIN: Seville, Satiago de Compostela

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If I don´t go to Germany in this summer, I´ll go with my friends to the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

SWEDEN: Stockholm

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As I wrote a few lines ago: I love Sweden!

UK: London, Edinburgh

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I was actually in London and Brighton three years ago and this year I am going to visit England once again. This country is my favourite because of foggy rainy days, what I like so much.

I am thinking about studying in UK, Norway or Sweden right now. If you have some tips or experiences, please contacte me.
I also hope you like this article and I am really sorry for my bad english - I´ve never had good english teacher.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found some inspiration on countries to visit next in Europe!

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