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Hi babes! This is secretlyagranger here after her 2 week hiatus. I hope you all are beautiful like always.
➷ By now, my finals are over, and I've been gifted with nearly more than half a month of spring holidays. I'll be working to improving and growing my weheartit account, beautifying my handwriting and reading a lot during these holidays. And of course, I'll make sure to notify you of my finals results!

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After this long break, I've decided to write an article based specifically on the reason of my hiatus - examinations.
I think it will be wrong to say that there is a high percentage of students that's scared by the possibility of coming examinations (and possibly failing in them aswell.) Which is why I've chosen this topic to cover as my after-hiatus article.

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I hope that this article can provide you a complete guide on how to manage exams and go through them with good grades. Always remember to dream big, work hard and never give up!
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➹ Before the exam -

  • Prepare effectively. Do not just study hard, study smart. Study and prepare in such a way that you are not stressed and actually learn well. Here are a few of my tips.

➷ Keep a water bottle at your desk at all times.
➷ Take breaks at needed times.
➷ Do not procrastinate studying, instead start studying early so that you can rest or revise later.
➷ Cramming will never be helpful, nor will last minute studying.

  • Stressing is never going to work. Do not stress or panic about the exam! It will only make matters worse by giving you a headache, panic attack or a sleepness night. Instead, try to -

➷ Meditating and praying (if you do) can be helpful.
➷ Envision doing well on the exam.
➷ Learn to accept that you can fail at times. Failure is just a sign that you are trying.
➷ Do your best, and then leave matters in the hand of God. Just believe that everything will go alright (and it will.)

  • Revise, don't cram. There is a difference between revising your notes or other material and actually trying to cram it in your head.

➷ Don't try to read your notes or course matter at the last minute. You may end up forgetting something. Instead, try to wake up earlier to revise all the material, and only read it once.

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➹ During the exam -

  • Presentation matters. Of course, you don't need to learn calligraphy to get good marks on simple exams, but it will be disheartening if you lose marks on the basis of unrecognizable characters.

➷ Try to write in neat handwriting, and don't forget to draw diagrams and lines when needed. Underlining to highlight important words and passages sounds nice, and writing the questions along with the answers can be a nice touch.

  • Use the technique which works with you. Some people solve hard questions first and easy questions later, while the others do vice versa. These both have advantages -

➷ If you solve the harder questions first, then you can do the easier questions later on quickly but if you solve the easier questions first, then you have plenty of time to solve the harder questions later. I recommend the second technique, but you should obviously go with the one that works with you better.

You can test this by making a small test, and using both techniques on it, and also giving yourself a timed period in which you must finish the test. The technique which is better for you will instantly be shown as the test which was solved quickly before the time ran out, and was also neat and the answers' correct.

  • Never forget to read the paper after solving it. Sometimes, you've left something unfilled on the paper thinking you'll do it later, and sometimes you've forgotten a vital point. Reading the paper after solving it is essential in the case of many subjects (especially Maths.)

➷ Always read the paper after solving it, so that you can correct mistakes, fill out unfilled passages and be sure that you haven't left anything unanswered.

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➹ After the exam -

  • Don't worry now. There is no need to worry about how you may have done in the exams, as long as you've done your best and if you haven't then you should learn from it and avoid repeating your mistakes later. For now, enjoy yourself - you're finally free of exams!
  • Learn from past mistakes. Do not repeat your older mistakes. Take note of what you did wrong in the examination period, and vow to never do it again (and really don't do it again.) Your failure is only bad if you fail to learn from it, repeat it again and again, or worse, do not care at all whether you fail or not.
  • Promise to do more better. There is always room for improvement, simply because we aren't perfect and will never attain that status. Either if you get good grades or bad, promise to improve in what you are lacking and then work on improving.
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Thank you for taking the time to read my article! I hope this helps you! Always stay beautiful and amazing, babes!
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Love you people lots.

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