So back when I first started watching and getting into YouTube this was a really big tag video and was absolutely one of my favorite videos to watch. Lately I feel like its becoming popular again and I'm seeing a lot of YouTubers doing what's in my bag videos again. So I decided that I would do one in article form! FYI my main bag is the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in the Damier Ebene print.

1. Phone/Earphones:

nails, iphone, and beauty image iphone, phone case, and gold image iphone, pink, and case image pink, iphone, and white image
Trust me when I say I know how bad this sounds but I literally could not live without my phone. Therefore, it is ALWAYS in my purse.

2. Portable Charger:

pineapple, portable charger, and sonix figure image emoji and smile image chanel, iphone, and luxury image unicorn and iphone image
I always make sure to keep a fully charged portable charger in my purse with me because since I am always using my phone, it is always dying on me!

3. Perfume:

pink, rose, and chanel image Burberry, candy, and fur image nails, Versace, and gold image pink, perfume, and juicy couture image
Right now my favorite perfumes that I've been absolutely loving are Chanel # 5 and My Burberry by Burberry. I bring them with me everywhere!

4. Sunglasses:

dior, sunglasses, and pink image nails, fashion, and sunglasses image sunglasses, summer, and glasses image flowers, sunglasses, and summer image
What stinks for me is I usually have to pay extra to get prescription lenses put in but I still get designer ones because every girl needs designer sunglasses in her life!

5. Makeup Bag:

chanel, luxury, and makeup image chanel, makeup, and make up image makeup, mac, and black image pink, makeup, and Victoria's Secret image
I always make sure to bring a makeup bag with me in my purse because I always feel like I'm reaching for something out of it. I try to only keep the bare minimum of makeup in it just for touch ups throughout the day.

6. Agenda:

books, Harpers Bazaar, and Louis Vuitton image agenda, beauty, and gold image chanel, fashion, and Louis Vuitton image agenda, brown, and clip image
I ALWAYS think it is a good idea to keep an agenda with you. I use mine for everything including my work schedule, shopping lists, study schedule you name it. It just helps keep me organized. My current agenda is the Louis Vuttion MM agenda in the Damier Ebene print.

7. Pen/Pencil:

books, hobby, and inspiration image pink image pen, diamond, and gold image pen image
I guess it goes without saying that I always keep a pen in my bag not only just because I need one for my agenda but also because I feel like someone is always asking me for one or I myself am always looking for one while I'm out.

8. Hair Ties/Bobby Pins:

bobby pins, etsy, and hair pins image bridal, bridesmaids, and etsy image bobby pins, funny, and true image cheveux, chouchou, and couleur image
I mean they're going to get lost anyway because that's my life but it's always good to keep bobby pins and hair ties on you. I'm one of those people that hates when my hair gets in my face so I'm always throwing it up in a pony tail or bun and its nice to have bobby pins to accessorize with.

9. Wallet:

bag, chanel, and fashion image Louis Vuitton, girl, and fashion image fashion, YSL, and luxury image Balenciaga, fashion, and black image
I mean this one is an obvious but I had to include because I love designer wallets, even though I only have one. I love to look and drool over them anyway!

10. Notebook:

notebook, white, and marble image back to school image cactus, gold, and pink image notebook image
I love to write! Like more than anything else in the world whether it be poems, short stories, quotes even little drawings. I mean of course phone's have a note app but still there is nothing like writing something down on paper in an aesthetically pleasing notebook!

11. Coin Purse:

pink, Louis Vuitton, and heart image fashion, Louis Vuitton, and luxury image Louis Vuitton, designer, and luxury image charm, Louis Vuitton, and LV image
So funnily enough I always carry a coin purse with me but I never actually carry any coins it. Most of the time I carry some small accessories in it such as a few stud earrings, some small dainty necklaces and a few fashion rings for when I feel like changing up my look during the day.