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As we all probably notice, recently there has been a "boom" of Articles of the series colors in my name, a theme developed in many forms and versions, such as cities or flowers in my name.

Here's a few examples, but of course there are tons of other posts like these, I randomly picked two of them.
But only a few of us actually know who invented this amazing challenge we all like a lot, so let me thank @3th3r3al_ for her lovely idea! 😍

And now, let's come back to this Article!

I wanted to write my own version of this challenge, but also try doing something new and completely original.

So, as I am a huge Potterhead - basically, a Harry Potter lover, for the ones among you who don't know the slang ;-) - I thought it could be fun finding for each letter in my name a character of the saga whose name or surname starts with the same letter. Fun, isn't it? ;-)

harry potter, hermione granger, and hermione image

But before we get it started, let me do just a tiny clarification: I'm going to use the name Audrey though it actually isn't my real name, it's just the nickname my friends use to call me cause, you know Audrey Hepburn?, well, I adore her and I'm probably one of her biggest fans! Don't you think she's the greatest, too?!

audrey hepburn audrey hepburn
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So, guys, time to start!

➸ A: Albus (Percival Wulfric Brian lol) Dumbledore!

harry potter, hogwarts, and dumbledore image
Maybe, okay no maybe, for sure the best headmaster who could ever exist!

➸ U: Dolores Umbridge!

dolores umbridge and harry potter image
Oh gosh, am I the only one who hates her more than anything?! She's simply evil, purely evil!

➸ D: Dudley Dursley!

harry potter, dursley, and hp image
Okay Dudley is probably one the characters that make me laugh the most! Does he have the same effect on you?

➸ R: Remus Lupin!

harry potter and remus lupin image
Oh why can't every teacher be like Remus?! He's the best! His most famous quote? Eat, you'll feel better. Definitely my perfect type of professor... :)

➸ E: Lily Evans! (better known as Lily Potter)

flowers, harry potter, and magic image
What could I say? I love her name, love the flower her name shows, love her story, I love... her! Plus, she perfectly embodies what love means to me: being ready to give our life for the ones we love.

➸ Y: Corban Yaxley! (better known as Lily Potter)

hp and corban yaxley image
Well, ending the list with him is kind of unfair, he's such an evil person! But the scene where he chases the magic trio and grabs Hermione's arm has so much suspence! I love that moment!

So, guys and gals, that's all for today!

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Hope you enjoyed this Article, especially if you love the colors in my name series or if you're a great Potterhead as I am! Anyway, I would love to hear impressions and feedbacks from you, so feel free to message me! And remember to heart or to leave a reaction!

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