Actually I don't think anyone is going to read this but I found so many inspirational Writing Challenges on We Heart it that I just decided to start my own. But I start with baby steps so it's only for 15 days.

DAY 1: 21 Facts about myself
DAY 2: Ten current favorite songs
DAY 3: Something that I miss
DAY 4: Things that make me happy
DAY 5: My five favorite books
DAY 6: My five favorite movies
DAY 7: Places I want to visit
DAY 8: What I am excited about
DAY 9: Three things I like abut myself
DAY 10: My five favorite tv shows
DAY 11: A letter to my future self
DAY 12: Post about celebrity crushes
DAY 13: My favorite Food/Drinks
DAY 14: A quote that inspires me
DAY 15: A short story

Thanks for reading!
- Dana