Hola! My name is Katherine and I'm 16 years old and this is my first article, I hope you enjoy it. I made a poll on Instagram asking my followers whether they'd like my first article to be a poem or 20 things about and it was a tide! But I decided 20 things about me would be a good start, and then I can post a poem tomorrow maybe. So let's start off.

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.1 I was born and raised in El Salvador but live in the U.S. now. You might've never heard of it, because it's the smallest Country in America! And if You have, it's probably been bad stuff. But it's an amazing country Even though it's a small country, We have so many beaches and my life goal is to meet all of them. I could literally spend the whole day speaking of my country
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.2 I'm also half Honduran, since my mom is Honduran, i used to go there every summer with her and my dad. Honduras is also a pretty country, but I don't know much about it since I've been there just for vacation over summers.
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.2 I've been in the US for 4 years, I live in Florida. It's a nice country, although I miss home.
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.3 my favorite fast food restaurants are McDonald's and Taco bell.
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.4 I've been to 7 countries: Honduras *Nicaragua* El Salvador *Costa Rica* Guatemala *Mexico* and the U.S Costa Rica Mexico.
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.5 I am a feminist.
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.6 I dream of visiting Europe someday.
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.7 Miami and New York are my favorite U.S cities.
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.8 I believe in souldmates but I don't believe in always having a happy ending with them. Sometimes they come into your life to teach you a lesson.
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.9 My Passion is acting, for so many reasons and I can't name them all, because they're too many.
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.10 In my freetime I write poetry and short stories.
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.11 I'm ALWAYS surrounded by people, like you'll never catch me alone, but I actually have no close friends and I wish I did.
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.12 I have a bitch resting face and people tend to assume I'm a bitch, but I'm actually not.
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.13 My dream is to travel to different countries and help poor kids.
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.14 My favorite albums atm are Don't smile at me by Billie Eilish and Reputation by Taylor Swift.
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.15 If i ever become famous, I want to use my fame to create awareness on important topics such as feminism, poverty, immigration, and other things that I care about.
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.16 I'm a really cold person.
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.17 my two favorite movies are The Breakfast Club and Mean girls.
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.18 I love Disney World and we'll just anything that has to do with Disney.
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.19 the Disney princess I represent to the most is princess Jasmine and she's my dream role.
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.20 shopping is one of my favorite things to do!

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