(The most rambly thing I've written ♥ I was feeling rather subdued today and just felt the urge to write)

I think that a grey stormy cloud above a person's head is an undervalued symbol of sadness because it really does feel that way. My voice is muffled and my mind is currently surrounded by a thick dark foggy cloud that I cannot move, and as it is known, the weather does not follow the will of man. You can't deny a cloudy day, by choosing to be happy, you aren't changing anything at all, the hardest person to fool out of all people is yourself. I have tried to tell myself to be happy, that today should be a sunny day, that there is no reason for clouds to appear, but that isn't how things work. Be gentle with your feelings, acknowledge and accept that this is how your day is going to start out, a grey cloud or two is of no danger to you.

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Remember too that you are not at fault for a grey cloud, they come and they go, do not feel pressure or agitation over creating unrealistic paradise weather as soon as humanly possible. Think of Eeyore ♥, his friends never expected him to pretend to be happy, they just love him anyway and never leave him out because of it. Sometimes it's supposed to be a cloudy day so that it can be a sunny one tomorrow, there's no point in worrying and trying to stop it from happening. Rain can be good for us to wash away the humidity and the tension in the air, the tightening reigns on the heavy clouds let loose. Most of all though, keep in mind that, as it always is with the weather, temporary. This applies to both bright blue skies and grim grey ones, which is quite fortunate really. After a long time of rain, never are we more thankful for even the most bitterly cold of blue-skied days.

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I thank the storms, during difficult weather I have learnt who will stand with me through those times and who will run from them. Who curses at the noisy "inconvenient" downpour, hurrying away from it without a moment's hesitation, no matter who they leave behind without even a broken umbrella to stand under. Who instead takes it upon themselves to listen closely to each raindrop fall, calm and contented to stay listening to the sound of the rain for as long as it falls. Who runs out into the rain, ready to feel the weight of it upon their shoulders, to jump in every puddle, to adventure under the grey skies as their cheeks turn rosy red with cold.

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But what do we do on murky cloudy days? Make do, make do with that excuse to hole up inside with our loved ones to cuddle and watch our favourite series and films with a large cup of hot chocolate. It's not the best time to go out into the world, so go into yourself instead, revisit your brightest memories and recall what made them happen, use that knowledge. I doubt that your most precious memories all come from sunny days, I doubt all of your hobbies require sunshine, (yes, picnics are nice, but still~) I doubt that a day that starts off dreary will always end dreary too.

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If you really don't fair well without fair weather or find that your house in particular has become the favourite spot for a big 'ol cloud, invite someone over! On rainy days on the playground in school, we'd all play inside together, no biggie~ No one was made sad by the rain alone and they never have to be. When you get caught up with folks, stuck together huddling away from the rain, you get closer to one another, something good to come of a broken umbrella perhaps? Share the experience, make it something worthwhile, make a memory to treasure~

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Much love ♥