This is a little late but who cares?? lol

anyways here are some of the things I want to and hopefully will achieve this year.

1) Get a job. Save the money for something nice

2) Keep my room clean.

3) Talk to people more, even if its small talk. Be the conversation starter.

4) Grow my hair super long, don't cut it for the rest of the year.

5) Exercise, even if it's just a 15 minute walk around the block or the house.

6) Meet Ashley. It's been 3 years and this year will be our year.

7) Go to Warped. It's the last year, I can't miss out.

8) Learn to wear makeup. Not that I need it, I like natural better.

9) Don't take anyone's crap.

10) Love myself a little more. Eat those apples and dance around to the music I love oh so very much.

My goals for this year as of 03.12.18.