Hi, guys. So this is the part 2, this time with the girls. If you wanna read the other one, is here:

Lucy Hale.

photoshoot and lucy hale image Image removed
Actress and singer. Birth (June 14, 1989).

Selena Gomez.

selena gomez, selena, and beauty image selena gomez, hair, and selena image
Actress and singer. Birth (July 22, 1992).

Holland Roden.

holland roden, teen wolf, and lydia martin image Temporarily removed
Actress. Birth (October 7, 1986).


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Actress and singer. Birth (May 14, 1983).

Kaya Scodelario.

Image removed actress, freckles, and Girl Crush image
Actress. Birth (March 13, 1992).

Carlson Young.

carlson young, scream, and cat image actress, scream, and tv show image
Actress. Birth (October 29, 1990).

Adriana Lima.

Adriana Lima, beauty, and blue eyes image Adriana Lima image
Model. Birth (June 12, 1981).

Megan Fox.

gif image fashion, girl, and gorgeous image
Actress. Birth (May 16, 1986).

Shay Mitchell.

shay mitchell, rose, and pretty little liars image shay mitchell image
Actress. Birth (April 10, 1987).

Miranda Kerr.

Image by sündos Image by K Y L I E
Model. Birth (April 20, 1983).

I hope you like it and tell me your favorite.