First Crush You Had:

When I was in 5th grade, there was this boy named Tyler, and he's still really cute to this day. But he had a "girlfriend" (we were literally in 5th grade, calm down elementary schoolers) and tbh I already hated his girlfriend before she dated him. Don't ask why, because there are many, many reasons. I went to school with her up until about 2 years ago, and still hated the girl. But yeah, I think Tyler was my first real-person crush.

Celebrity Crush:
I have many, tbh. But here's a "short" list:
Tyler Joseph
Josh Dun
Brendon Urie
Halsey (my babe)
Ruby Rose
Colin O' Donoghue (ahhhhhh) (The guyliner he wears in OUAT tho)
Colby Brock
Brennen Taylor
Lynn Gunn
And many, many more.

Fictional Crush:
I also have many of these, but here's some:
Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time (I've looked up the actor that plays him, I just fancy the green outfit he wears on OUAT, and I think that's what attracts me to him
Killian Jones (OUAT)
I have a lot more, I promise, I just can't think of any right now???

Someone You Have A Big Crush On Now:
Um, well, I knew this was coming, but yikes.
There's this guy named Will at my church and he plays keyboard on stage, and sometimes (I think) I catch him staring at me?

Your Crush's Name:
Will, as I already mentioned...

How'd You Know Or Met Your Crush?
I don't even know the guy, I've talked to him like once with my friends, (I hardly said a word to him) but idk, I just think he's really cute.

Does Your Crush Know You Exist?

I think so???
Probably not, though.

Are You And Your Crush Friends?

I wish.

One Thing You Love About Your Crush:


Strange Thing You Would Want To Do To Your Crush:

Yo, this is a strange question, and I have MANY strange answers, but I'm just gonna let y'all use your imaginations. (;

Has Your Crush Ever Complimented You Or Given You A Gift?


Is Your Crush In A Relationship With Someone Else?

I don't think so? I was told he's not even really looking for a relationship, which tbh I totally understand.

Does Your Crush Sing?

Dang, I would hope so. He would have a beautiful voice.
(From the one time I heard him speak)

That's all, folks!