First Crush You Had:

When I was in 5th grade, there was this boy named Tyler, and he's still really cute to this day. But he had a "girlfriend" (we were literally in 5th grade, calm down elementary schoolers) and tbh I already hated his girlfriend before she dated him. Don't ask why, because there are many, many reasons. I went to school with her up until about 2 years ago, and still hated the girl. But yeah, I think Tyler was my first real-person crush.

Celebrity Crush:
I have many, tbh. But here's a "short" list:
Tyler Joseph
Josh Dun
Brendon Urie
Halsey (my babe)
Ruby Rose
Colin O' Donoghue (ahhhhhh) (The guyliner he wears in OUAT tho)
Josh Dallas
And many, many more.

Fictional Crush:
I also have many of these, but here's some:
Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time (I've looked up the actor that plays him, I just fancy the green outfit he wears on OUAT, and I think that's what attracts me to him
Killian Jones (OUAT)
I have a lot more, I promise, I just can't think of any right now???

Someone You Have A Big Crush On Now:
Um, well, I knew this was coming, but yikes.
There's this guy named Will at my church and he plays keyboard on stage, and sometimes (I think) I catch him staring at me?

Your Crush's Name:
Will, as I already mentioned...

How'd You Know Or Met Your Crush?
I don't even know the guy, I've talked to him like once with my friends, (I hardly said a word to him) but idk, I just think he's really cute.

Does Your Crush Know You Exist?

I think so???
Probably not, though.

Are You And Your Crush Friends?

I wish.

One Thing You Love About Your Crush:


Strange Thing You Would Want To Do To Your Crush:

Yo, this is a strange question, and I have MANY strange answers, but I'm just gonna let y'all use your imaginations. (;

Has Your Crush Ever Complimented You Or Given You A Gift?


Is Your Crush In A Relationship With Someone Else?

I don't think so? I was told he's not even really looking for a relationship, which tbh I totally understand.

Does Your Crush Sing?

Dang, I would hope so. He would have a beautiful voice.
(From the one time I heard him speak)

That's all, folks!