Good morning loves!

As I woke up this morning in a daze I began to reflect on what makes a happy, healthy, and productive morning. Daylight Saving Time always seems to induce quite a bit of irritation into my mornings, so in an effort to remind myself how to have a GREAT morning, I have decided to review the things I've been loving lately as a part of my morning routine and hopefully help some of you who might be feeling my same struggle this Monday morning.

I know, as well as the next person, that waking up early is a pain--more than a pain--but I have also realized that somehow I would rather endure the pain than spend the entire morning in a rush, frazzled, and like the day has already gotten away from me. I have tried MANY times to wake at 5:00 am, but unfortunately, this habit refuses to stick. I have, however, been relatively consistent with a 6:00 - 6:15 am wake-up schedule. I work remotely in the technology industry, so this is typically plenty of time for me to enjoy the mornings before logging into work around 8:00 am.

My morning routine for a GREAT day is as follows:

Slowly engage my brain...

  • I know that you aren't supposed to immediately jump into social media when you wake up--but I actually find that it helps me to slowly begin to engage my brain in bed in the morning. I will spend about 5-10 minutes scrolling through various social media avenues. This does NOT include my work email--that would simply induce anxiety.
girl, hair, and style image

Become human...

  • I pull myself into the bathroom so that I can wash my face, use my skincare products, brush my teeth, and get into a fresh pair of yoga pants. (#workfromhomelife)
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TRULY become human...

  • Coffee. Need I say more? Now is the time to make coffee.
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Relax and get into the right head space...

  • This is usually when I find some inspiring YouTube videos to watch. Something to get me motivated for the day ahead. It could be planning, lifestyle, or productivity related.
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Review the day...

  • I spend the first few minutes before beginning work reviewing my planner and the schedule I set the night before. This is how I get grounded in my top deliverables for the day and try to ensure I'm ready for the day!
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It must be noted that though this is the MORNING routine, it is crucial that the night time routine feels just as productive. Without a great routine in the evening, I could do all of these things and still feel frazzled!

What's your "GREAT day" morning routine?