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#KimMinseok aka #Xiumin

Kim Minseok has always lived peacefully until love came in his life.

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#KimJongDae aka #Chen

Kim Jong Dae has always liked his hyung but by the time passes he discovers this new feelings growing inside him

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#KimJongIn aka #Kai

Kim Jong In the typical troublemaker have found someone who got his attention

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#DoKyungSoo aka #DO

Do Kyungsoo only thought about his future but now when his first love ends a new one will begin

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#ZhangYixing aka #Lay

Zhang Yixing the clueless chinese boy will find his true love?

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#KimJunmyeon aka #Suho

Kim Junmyeon is so gentle that even he'll support his one-sided love's crush

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Xi Luhan got over his painful love and he'll get a new one

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Oh Sehun the player will find his charming Prince

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Huang Zi Tao the little prince will fall for a commoner

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#WuYiFan aka #Kris

Wu Yi Fan will get over his dark past and began his love story

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Byun Baekhyun will find someone who can live for

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Park Chanyeol found his reason to smile

Friendship, Faith, Trust and Love, this will be the new emotions that will grow in their hearts.
[Kaisoo] ~[Taoris]~[Xiuchen]~[Hunhan]~[Sulay]~[Baekyeol]
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