Bismillahi 'Rrahmani' Rrahim , I shall start this article with the first sentence that is to comes out of my mouth every day , on every occasion and that I can not do anything without first saying it .
In this article I wanted to point out some things that are being said about us muslims ,and that have been said since a long time ago , I want this to stop , I know I can't force it but at least for some of you (my followers) will get to know us better and next time you try and judge us you will think it 10 times before saying anything .

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Terrorists are NOT muslims.
This is the most pervasive topic around the globe of how muslims are terrorists , of how they kill people , destroy things and every single bad thing that happens comes from them . But guess what , You my friend are so wrong , those people are not as nearly as a muslim , they call themselves that because they know exactly of how an amazing human being a muslim is , and they just want to destroy their reputation , the reputation that All-llah (s.w.t) gave us ,Alhamdulilah , and make us look in the eyes of the world that we are same as them .

Do you even know that they don't belong to our religion that is Islam . They are not muslims , they don't worship All-llah and they do not fear Him , for if they did they would never , not in a million years do what they are doing , cause they would be very much aware that they will enter Jahannam , In shaa Allah , and they will never get out of it ever again .
They are using our religion , they are making it as a bad use , they are trying to change it , but guess what AGAIN , they will never achieve that , they may make us look bad in front of the world's eyes , but never in the sight of All-llah (s.w.t) . Islam is the one religion , the most beautiful , peaceful , and the most down to earth religion . Islam teaches us how to never hurt anybody or we will be punished in the hereafter , Islam teaches us on how not to hurt ourselves either , All-llah(s.w.t) said , "Do not kill yourselves" , because for sure we will be punished with a terrible punishmet, and do you know why He said that ? Of couse you don't. All-llah(s.w.t) said that because He loves us so much , His love for us is bigger than the love of our mother that has towards us , so much bigger , we can't even imagine . If He taught us this , how on earth would you think that a muslim can hurt another person , a muslim won't even hurt an ant , for it will be punished even for that , and we fear the punishment of All-llah(s.w.t) because it is everlasting . " If one kills an innocent person , it is as if he killed all people of the world , and if one saves a person it is as he saved all the people of the world. " Now this is the immense mercy of my Lord , and His punishment for baddoers is terrible , because He does not like violence , it is prohibited . All-llah(s.w.t) is the purest , the most merciful , the most forgiving , He does not want us to become savages and not know our limits and kill and destroy in this world , He wants for us to posses his features , to be peaceful, to be merciful, to be forgiving , even tho for our human nature is hard ,but for All-llah(s.w.t) is not , for He is perfect without a single flaw, SubhanAllah,but still He will never give up on us , for we are His creation .

Now , can you tell that terrorists are NOT muslims ? That they do not belong with us , and they never will , no matter what you people say .

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Just stop it , you are wasting your time .

Do you know that every single human being on this planet is born a muslim ? Shocker right ? it's not , because it is very true , however people convert their kids into christians when they baptise them, they raise them the way they have been raised , but do you know why ? Let me explain it to you briefly .
All-llah(s.w.t) revealed 4 books , and brought them to earth , those are : Tawrat , Zabur , Injeel and Quran .
Now every book that has been sent for the people on earth was for them to know their Lord and their religion , which is the one and only on this earth , Islam. Every single book was about Islam , but guess what , people tend to take those books and change them how they wanted to , added rules or whatever to them so people would totally deviate, and they did , until All-llah(s.w.t) revealed Quran to our beloved prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) , and All-llah(s.w.t) secured this book that good that He said : no one will ever be able to change it , not even a font of it , and indeed no one ever could or can , that's how powerful our Lord is , SubhanAllah .

Now talking about Christianity , when God revealed Injeel to Isa (Jesus) , He revealed it for him to aware people about their one Lord that is All-llah(s.w.t) and about their religion that is Islam. But what did the ignorants do ? They achieved to changed even this one book , so they added there that Jesus was god and whatsoever ,when he was not , he was just a slave like everyone of us , he was the messenger of All-llah(s.w.t) ,now every christian that reads the bible thinks it as such , that Isa(p.b.u.h) (Jesus) is their god and that he was crucified, when actually he was not . Shocker AGAIN right? Just wait until you understand what really happened . The ignorants did try to kill Isa(p.b.u.h)(Jesus) but they never got to do it because you know why ? Because My Lord and everybody elses Lord All-llah(s.w.t) saved him by raising him up in the sky so no one would have the chance to touch him . This is how mercifull All-llah(s.w.t) is , SubhanAllah. He does not tolerate violence , muslims are not violent because we read our book (The Holy Quran) and we see how we should really act upon other people, and that is being peaceful , merciful, forgiving, making people happy, helping others , smiling at people just so we may brighten up their day . (Mark my words because in what you just read , there are no features that correspond to a Terrorist :) ). However , in all due respect because islam teaches us that we should always respect others no matter what one may think or say , I have to tell you that you are living a lie , I would really reccomend you to read Quran , all of you , even you muslims in case you are feeling low with your imman , becaue Quran is the cure to the heart, and the answer to all the question , and the most beautiful part is that you get to understand that there is no other God but All-llah(s.w.t) the most merciful , the purest . <3

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To all of you out there , stop judging our sisters for wearing a hijab.

All-llah(s.w.t) tells us in the Quran that we have to cover ourselves . I know I know a lot of you will say : What on earth is she saying , I would never cover my beauty or curves or whatever , but guess what , your beauty does not fade for wearing a hijab , your curves wont disapear for wearing a long loose dress , they will only save you from the eye of a man that has bad intentions towards you . We live in a world and at a time that appearance is everything , and girls get hurt and broken hearted and all that sort of stuff , just because she got into a little love game from a man who thought she was so hot , he used her and that's it , only for her hottness . Just think about how reduced would be the cases of a use of a woman for bad intentions by a man , if she was covered . Do you know that a bad man wont even have the audacity to talk to you or even stare at you if you are covered , and nevertheless use you , it just wont even cross his mind , for you are not attractive to that particular person ,and you end up saving yourself for a man who appreciates you and loves you for what you are , and has serious intentions towards you , and simply wants to marry you .

Now my fellow friends as you can obviously see ,All-llah(s.w.t) is the wisest and the greatest for making it an obligation for us to cover ourselves , because He wants to save us , and He wants to save us because He loves us so much we can't even imagine . Everything that All-llah(s.w.t) taught us , is in line with our lives , because He knows best and He is perfect .
So next time you see a hijabi girl , just don't waste your time judging her for completing her obligation towards her Lord.

I had an amazing time writing this article , I really hope it will be a wakeup call for some of you out there , I hope you will read and share it because it is really important for me that you get the message and just change your opininon towards everything you thought you were right about judging muslims and our religion .

May All-llah(s.w.t) guide us and protect us from every bad thing in this life and the hereafter .
I hope we will all meet in Jannah In shaa Allah .
and for all you non-muslim friends , please just start reading about our religion and our Lord and I really hope you will be giuded by Him . Ameen.
As - salaam - Alaikum <3