I'm sorry for making you laugh
it's something unusual in me
my sense of humor does not usually fall in love
but I can see your eyes shine
when I act like I have a few extra drinks
I realized that I made you forget
the weakness that inhabits your being.

Sorry if I did not do things for you
I could not explain the explosion
when I fell straight to you
the best sensation
in a fearsome connection.

You think I forgot your words
I really can not do it
and one year later
I can still remember you
How can I explain that to people?
I know I can not have you.

You're the best thing that ever happened to me
I never thought of someone like you
I think about the child you were
and that you are still
your joy and your bad mood
your dreamer mentality
It is not enough for mere mortals
but maybe it is for us.

I guess you noticed
I know more than I should
I know you cry secretly
the memories of people
when you see old photographs
they are gone and you cry, I know
I know they are proud of who you are,
of all those medals,
it's a victory won, you know.

I hope you stop thinking
your mind will not stand it anymore
the good times will come soon
you are great do not forget it
I told you again and again
you know it
Everyone believes in who you are.

Sometimes I think it's unfair
return again and again
I hurt myself
I hope you do not
but I want to tell you something
I did not tell you, but now I do.

I fall in love with you
of that beautiful person
that you carry within you,
not your physique,
not of your attractive features it's easy to look
I never cared, I admit
I did not care what you had
I never take advantage of you
because you were more than I expected.

You have a big heart
you deserve someone to take care of you
I do not want to see more scars
in that sensitive heart
I can not be so good
for someone like you
but if you propose something else
I can try to be good
as the girl of your dreams.

I'm not bad
I just let myself go
by transient instincts,
that is a problem,
I thought about it again and again
I think I have the answer
why we are not together.