I'm gonna do a lot of articles about astrology, for you that like me is completely addicted. This is the first part of the serie of what each planet means in your astrological chart.

First it's important to know what venus means.. Venus is how you love.

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If you don't know your Venus it's necessary to make your astrological chart. On site: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php obs: the informations have to be accurate. Doubts send me a message ^-^

ON PISCES this is my ^-^ lol

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● Idealists on love

● Can be lost on your own ilusions

● Create high hopes

● Believe on love universal

● Need love, every time, by any means. Can't live without.

● Want the perfect love that one that moves all the structures...

● If don't be the perfect spiritual connection this person starts making questions about the lover.


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● Say that doesn't fall in love easily

● Everthing is seriously , this person take himself seriously

● When fall in love is strong inside them

● Capricorn take the lover for her/his life, so if you have this venus you'll be like that

● Be with someone that gives you a status, build a career.

● Ambition to be better

● Like's the tradicional person, nobody that can be to much scandalous.

●Take time to se entregar tem que esperar e provar. O amor se constroi


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● Don't know if is in love with the person, because Gemini is unstable.

● Stay with a lot of people when is not with none

● Thinks that is important to comunicate with the lover..

● Constant change of what is thinking.


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● They know how to understand people

● Want to help

● Stability with the lover is important.

● Too sweet and vain..

● Understanding and generous, patient on a relashionship.

● Sometimes they keep pleasing other people and forget about themselves.


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● People with this position are very sociable.

● Want to be free, meet a lot of people.

● They like people that want to change the order, the structure...

● Haves to be different, be eccentric to fall in love.

● He/she never'll search standards of beauty in a lover.

● Sometimes can judge people unconsciously

● Have the idea of transgress that's why they usully like relationship without commitment


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● They have the wish to consider the lover.

● Always thoroughly..

● Looks in the soul. Sex is spiritual, that's why have the stereotypes of addicted

● Can be possessive

● First they show like they don't care with coldness...

● Don't will show vulnerability

● Will give you the world after you win then.

● If you cheat them, they'll never come back. Can revenge like cheat you back or bear a grudge.


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● Searching spirituality conection with someone.

● Good humor, make you laught,they can light the atmosphere...

● Wants to be free, don't like someone that possession

● Don't like talking or thinking about bad things with the crush.

● Are very honest, if they stop loving you, they'll break up.

● Love adventures, want to explore to know different cultures.


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● Protector and take care

● Want to be in home with the lover..

● If you want to go out a lot it's difficult because this person wants to be in home.

● Have a connection with the mon (Saturn can restrict this relashionship with the mom.)

● Thinks about building a relationship strong

● Expects security from the lover and then come the disappointments..


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● Everybody loves them, generosity.

● Want's to live in a movie,imagine the perfect love. Eternity

●Love yourself..

●If your heart is broken, they'll move on and pull oneself together quickly

●They want a person of dignity like them.

●Sometimes show arrogant to hide they weaknesses to the crush

●Someone that'll made crazy things for you.


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● Wants a lot of security

● Like all the pleasures of life (eat,sleep, all the arts)

● Wants a good financial stability.

● Always wants to get better in the relashionship.

● It's slow.


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● Analyze the love all the time and this action can be boring.

● They are good advisors..

● She/he looks, she analyze the lover.

● Don't fall in love by anyone

● Take time to surrender

● Insecurite with yourself inner and physically.

● Need to fix things in the lover.


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● We usually seach in the lover for being submissive because he/she wants to dominate.

● Competitive. Active in sports, bodies spotted, searching for a healfly life.

● Impulsive, can change from a relationship to other

● Wants someone more calm,sensitive..

● Womans with this venus can be more manly,stronger and active.

● Will fall in love with someone that tries to get out of the routine, new ideas.

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