Chapter 33

A frown appeared on my face, “You don’t know who I am?”
“I don’t think so,” his voice trailed off and he cocked his head as though he was trying to remember. He then shook his head like he wanted to clear it, and smiled at me, “I guess I should ask your name then.”
“I’m Amberlin, your, um,” I paused looking at Jaco who just walked into the room with a young man with short, jet black hair and pretty brown eyes, “friend.”
“She means your…” I cut Jaco off with a cough and a glare, and he stared back at me confused.
“Hey Jaco!” Calimo exclaimed before trying to sit up, and failing.
The other young man grinned foolishly at Calimo, “What, no hi for me?”
Calimo rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, hi to you too Madni. Now, are you three going to tell ole Wentar here what happened to him, or what?”
“Wentar?” Jaco and Madni chorused, looking at me with wide eyes, while Calimo laughed at our faces. I shrugged my shoulders, while trying to deal with the fact my fiancé didn’t remember who I was.
“Yes, Wentar. Me, you idiots.”
Madni knelt down beside him, feeling for a fever, and touching a couple of his bruises, causing Calimo, Wentar, to wince. I cringed in spite of myself, and Madni looked at me sadly.
“He’s not doing so well, but luckily I have something to fix the pain,” Madni pulled a small vial out of his pocket, and allowing Wentar to drink it. I could tell the pain lessened when the creases formed in Wentar’s face faded.
“Where is he?” I hear a girlish voice cry from the next room. “Where’s my Wentar?” The girl from the hospital appeared in the doorway, and upon seeing Wentar stretched on the floor which is tainted in blood, cried out and ran forward, pushing me to the side. “Oh baby, are you alright?” She cooed and I expected Wentar to push her away, any sign Calimo was still in there.
“Oh, I’m okay, Kailas, love,” Wentar answered, smiling up at her. She nodded, obviously not convinced, then leaned down and kissed him.
She kissed my Calimo. On the lips. In front of me.
Jaco tore his eyes from the scene before us and brought his eyes over to me, his mouth hanging open farther than I had ever seen it, as tears welled up in my eyes. I stood up and began to walk out of the room, and whispered to Jaco,
“Fix him before I do something I’ll regret.”

The Eternal Knights took me to another room, which I was surprised about, since I demanded and they just allowed me to have my way. I marched to it with my head held high, not allowing anyone to see how hurt I felt. That is, until the door was slammed shut behind me and the lock was turned. I stared at the door for a full minute until I knew no one was around, then turned and threw myself on the bed, burying my face in a pillow and screamed.

I screamed for the fact that they were able to put me in this position, able to wire someone to believe they were a different person, that they loved someone else.
I screamed for the fact that when I could be planning my wedding like a normal person, I was locked up in a room, guarded by people who wanted to use me.
I screamed for the fact that because I was born Key’d, I would never be normal, and because of that Calimo never would be either.
I screamed for the fact that someone could control my entire being, with not just one, but two keys, and order me to do their bidding.
I screamed for the fact that when I should be comforting and loving on him, she was the one who had taken my place.
But mostly, I just screamed.
I didn’t allow the tears to come, only because I knew Reanski would feel the satisfaction of causing me to cry. I knew I had to be strong, not only for my and Calimo’s sake, but for the entire world population’s. I didn’t know what they had planned, but I knew the only way to help, was to learn and to train.
And the only way I was going to accomplish that, was to sleep.
“This will be the first time I try and contact Emmiale myself,” I thought, closing my eyes and crawling under the covers. “And I need it to be successful.”
Luckily for me, sleep willingly came.
_“Hello?” I called out into the darkness. “Please, I need your help. I don’t know how to do this on my own.”
“We know,” I heard Seian say, a little sarcastically, but I knew he was smiling as well.
“Which is why we have been waiting for you to ask for our help,” Kineri said, “We could no longer reach you, you had to be the one to reach out to us.”
“And now you have,” Emmiale’s voice appeared strongly, and the darkness began to lighten up. “Shall we begin?”
I nodded and stepped forward, the darkness fading into light, and I saw the three of them standing in more sensible clothes than white satin. Kineri was dressed in dark slacks with a loose shirt tucked, with metal plates attached to his knees, chest, and elbows, leaning against a sword. Seian had similar base clothing, leaving his shirt untucked, but held onto a candle, a bowl, a rock, and a vial. Emmiale wore tight-fitting pants, almost knee-high boots and a tank top, holding onto a couple books in her arms, but her feet were surrounded by stacks of them.

“Kineri will teach you about combat, hand-to-hand, with weapons, and with your powers. Seian will help you learn and control your powers, while I will help you learn about who you really are,” Emmiale smiled at me, shifting the books so she could hold a hand out to me. “Are you ready, Amberlin?”
I walked forward and grasped it, “Yes.”
“Then let’s begin.”_

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