I remember I wrote an article in the beginning of the year talking about how 2018 was going to be the year of change, but only if you put forth the effort. Let me say this, it has definitely been a year of difference, and I am most certainly seeing that. Is it the change that I thought I would be seeing? No, I thought it would be a lot more positive, but when it comes to change, sometimes you need to get rid of the toxicity first. Coming into 2018, I knew that there were going to be some struggles, but I thought that all of a sudden as January 1st rolled around, I would living high on life, being jovial and positive all the time. When I hit my first bout of depression in the New Year, I almost felt like all my efforts were for naught. But no, I just wasn't being patient. I wish I could snap my fingers and be cured. If that was the case, that's all I would hear. Everyday, walking down the street; just hearing people snap away their problems. 2018 is the year of patience, but it's also the year of action. 2018 is the year of growth. It's the year of growth in every aspect. It's the year of solution. It's the year of getting to the root of the problem and not going back. It's the year of testing limits. It's the year of breaking barriers. It's the year of doing what's right. It's the year of doing what you need to stay healthy. It's the year of evaluation. It's the year of being better. Not just within myself, but the world around me too. Young adults are protesting for stricter gun laws, trying to protect young lives. When I heard what happened in Florida, I was angry. I was livid. Women are realizing their worth and not being a bystander when it comes to inequality. They are demanding respect. People of color are getting more representation. Um....Black Panther? Hello, a movie with a predominantly black cast? That was remarkable! We have a lot of work to do, we aren't there yet, but people are making strides in the right direction. To go back to individual journeys, this is what we need to do; make strides in the right direction. For an impatient person like me, this is a challenge, but it is well worth the wait. We are making a change, not only within, but with the world around us. Once we change the negativity that plagues us, we will be able to emote that energy outwards to the atmosphere. Good energy is contagious. I pray everyone can catch it.