Arcane Slater

Second in command of Coelum
Commander of the Eontro Region

Intelligent, studious. Meticulous. Reliable. Modest, shy. Magnetic and friendly. Perfectionist. always strives to do his best in every way. Romantically/ Sexually shy. Generous; Selfless. Humble. Doesn't need or demand too much in life. A bit insecure. Well-groomed, clean; cares about his appearance. Virtuous. Neat-freak.

AES- Tan and beige. Cafes. Coffee. Newspapers, books, literature. Architecture and statues. Art museums. Photography. Golden hour. Sky lines. Deep, philosophical conversations. Classical music.

Image by thedreamwalkers

Age- 22
Birthday- August 30 (Virgo)
Height- 6'0
Master- Composer (violinist/ pianist)
Hair/ eye colour-

Image by thedreamwalkers