Arcane Slater

Second in command of Coelum
Commander of the Eontro Region

Intelligent, studious. Meticulous. Reliable. Modest, Shy when he meets new people. Magnetic and friendly. Very Very polite and mannerly. Perfectionist. Always strives to do his best in every way. Romantically/ Sexually shy. Generous; Selfless. Humble. Doesn't need or demand too much in life. A bit insecure. Well-groomed, clean; cares about his appearance. Virtuous. Neat-freak. Passionate. Not very confident; follower. Quiet but a surprisingly good public speaker. A lot of integrity, Kind-hearted. Always top of the class; desire to succeed; overachiever. Quiet ambition. Dedicated and hard working. Can be forgetful. Rarely feels like he belongs. Too hard on himself. Can get anxious easily. Work out to relive stress- looks somewhat intimidating but actually very soft. Doesn't like to fight. Allergic to bees.

AES- Tan and beige; nude tones. Cafes. Coffee and leather. Milk ea. Newspapers, books, classic literature. Architecture and statues. Spending hours at art museums. Photography. Golden hour. Pastries. Sky lines. Deep, philosophical conversations. Loves sunsets. Classical music. Reading glasses. Writing poetry. Blushes easily. Violin. Sleepy kisses. The smell of vanilla. Fountain pens. Neatest handwriting. Warm, deep eyes. Journals and stationary. Giving your whole heart to someone. Quiet laughter. Smells nice. Nervous Rambles.

Image by thedreamwalkers
Image by thedreamwalkers
Arcane by @binathewitch on instagram

Age- 22
Birthday- August 30 (Virgo)
Height- 6'0
Master- Composer (violinist/ pianist)
Hair/ eye colour- Red/ Orange

Image by thedreamwalkers