as much as we love our bias *cough cough tae * we will always have that one member that is part of the group and will literally “wreck” our whole lives. with just simple smiles and tiny little laughs, they can literally shake us off of our tracks and make us question life in general. that my friends is a bias wrecker, and my bias wrecker’s name is jungkook.

J is for Jet

dark kpop kpop aesthetic
my name is jeeeett!!! does anybody else watch Liza? jet pasinsky is literally my mood everyday. (idk how to spell)🌪

U is for UFO Green

aesthetic boy kpop kermit
👆lol kermit is me rn typing this article. green is such a nice color on all the boys but they barely wear it though.

N is for Nadeshiko Pink

flowers jin Superthumb animal
look how adorable he looks. I hope to go to one of their concerts one day but i feel that they work so hard that I just want them to be healthy and safe and warm. idek🌸

G is for Golden Poppy

Superthumb bts kpop Superthumb
yellow is my favorite color on jungkook. it matches his natural hair color so well and it’s so visually pleasing⭐️

K is for Khaki

alternative beige kpop aesthetic
self love isn’t selfish, it’s important 🌾

O is for Ocean Blue

blue Superthumb Superthumb blue
“you will regret someday if you don’t do your best now.” -jeon jungkook 🌊

O is for Orange

camera bts jin autumn
jungkook in concert is what wrecks me 💥

K is for Kenyan Copper

aesthetic Superthumb kpop red
i love writing these kinds of articles because I get to expand my knowledge of colors like kenyan copper. such a beautiful color.

so did you like it? this was a fun little writing that I thought would be interesting to make since these color articles are pretty popular around we heart it💗. even our wrecker’s sometimes need some recognition too. anyways I hope you have a lovely and wonderful day my beauties. gotta blast! stay beautiful. stay majestic. xoxo💋 -@dinple


gif, suga, and bts image
thanks for making me heart soft everyday and having that cute lil gummy smile 💌

⬇️ that’s me


check out her page 🤙


wouldnt you think my collections complete? 🐠🎶

love you.