I don't have much ideas for articles rn but this subject seemed easy and fun to do. So hope you like it!


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One of my favorite places ever, I love the food and views no matter where you are, it's always pretty. I've been there 12 times and it only gets better every time, I have no words to descripe this place <3


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I loved this place! I can't remember much about it because I was like 9yrs.


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I was there in february and it was so nice. Views were so pretty and the place where we were was so cute! I also writed journals when I was there, please go read them if you haven't yet.

Spain- Barcelona and gran canaria

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Barcelona was amazing! It was so pretty in there. I can't remember much about canaria only that it was cold in there in the evenings but the dunes were pretty.


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I have been there so many times, It's close to us and I love being night on a ship haha. But personaly I dont like sweden that much.

Estonia and Pärnu

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Estonia is also really close to us, I love to go there on summer. Pärnu is just a city but I love it so much! Absolutely one of my favorite places! Milkshakes in there are delicious (lol) and beach was really pretty.

Latvia- Riga

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I can't remember much (once again) but I remember that it is really pretty city and there were lots of flowers.

Russia-St Petersburg

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I din't like it all... It was cloudy and everyone were smoking! Like literally everyone, it was not nice. Buildings were pretty tbh.
This is it, I hope that i didn't miss anything. Please check out my tenerife journals and other collections!