Hii everyone 🤗
Welcome at a new article from me! This article is about my top five of.. Its more like a 30 day challenge but i took 7 questions out of it because i cant keep up with the daily uploading of things so 😅 i hope you like it and enjoy 💕

1 5 favorite actresses

- Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries
- Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things
- Crystal Reed from Teen Wolf
- Danielle Campbell from The Originals
- Ciara Bravo from Big Time Rush

Nina Dobrev eleven Gotham danielle campbell ciara bravo

2 favorite actors

- Cole Sprouse from Riverdale
- Thomas Sangster from The Maze Runner
- Dylan OBrien from Teen Wolf/ Maze Runner
- Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf
- Daniel Sharman from Teen Wolf

boy Superthumb dylan Superthumb boy

3 Style Icons

- Madison Beer
- Thalia Bree
- Claudia Tihan
- Sterre Marith
- Nour Mens

outfit thalia bree beauty tp4y Superthumb

4 TV Shows

- Stranger Things
- The Vampire Diaries
- The Originals
- Teen Wolf
- Riverdale

netflix ian somerhalder coffee teen wolf Superthumb

5 favorite animals

- Dogs
- Cats
- Turtles
- Rabbits
- Penguins

adorable adorable animal animal animal

6 favorite food

- Pizza
- French Fries
- Waffles
- Chocolate
- Fruit

delicious food berries chocolate delicious


My favorites are most of them always the motivation quotes. Another favorite since i saw it on instagram is ; Things will get better.. In times.

life inspiration Lyrics fitness forget

That were my 7 top 5 things for now 😊 I hope you liked it!