Hi dear,
I don’t know who you are, but all I know is we face the same reality. It will not be 100% the same at all, it is just we have it at the same time. I know we feel like we cant do anything. Even to say anything. I know it best for us to keep quiet, crying at the back of our bedroom door. Sometimes on the bathroom door because bathroom is the safest and loveliest place in this horrible world. I know that sometimes crying is not enough, I know that sometimes you just wanna run away or even take your own life. I know that sometimes supports from your loved ones will not be enough to convince you to stay. I know that words will be meaningless to you. Even the sad quotes you usually fond of it, suddenly will not be sad enough to express your feelings because you have been too strong for too long.
I am not going to say that this world will be kind to you tomorrow, maybe not tomorrow. But eventually,yes. This fucking cruel world, has more than millions way to make you happy. Even a little bit. Maybe you just have to look around and forget your problems for a while. If you cant make yourself happy, you can be the happiness for other people. And it is the simplest and instant way to make you happy. you can start from giving. Giving is not all about money, it is sometimes about attention and a little hug. You can watering a little flower at the corner of the road and that is count as giving. You can help elders and children to cross the road and that is also count as giving. Small act of kindness, even when you force yourself to do it, it will turn the happiness you give to them back to you. You will not realize that you smile because they thank you for your kindness. And that is the moment when you feel like this world needs you, you want to stay longer. The strangers you meet on your way home wont ask you how you do at school, but they will appreciate your pure gold heart if you are willing to help others. Even when someone smile at you and you smile back to them, they will really happy about it. If you lack of kindness and want to find one, be one and it will turn its way back to you.

This is the most important thing. Don’t forget to give yourself the rewards. I know that it is hard to wake up early in the morning, so give yourself a reward for that. Even when you finish the school, give yourself a reward for that. A reward is not only for the big occations you are taken part with, but also about little things that matter to you. Give yourself a reward after taking a bath because we all know how hard it is to bear the laziness.
Sometimes it is the little things that matter to us, not a big surprise when everyone surrounds you but you feel lonely. This world will not be kind to you if you still being hard toward it. Try to be softer and nicer, it will cost nothing but give you everything.
With love,