Cambodian hair sale itself is still the brand new thing to many people, not to mention Raw Cambodian Hair Review. Nowadays thanks to Youtube, a lot of beauty bloggers can get paid doing Cambodian Hair Reviews and Cambodian Hair Company Reviews, but you can totally tell if they are telling the truth.
In order to bring the concept of 100% Raw Cambodian Hair to many more people in this planet – who equally deserve a good try of Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles, Layla Hair will show you how to recognize real and fake Cambodian Hair Reviews and Cambodian Hair Reviews in the writing below.


In order to promote Cambodian Hair Sale, it is not unusual to see a Cambodian Hair Company create Fake Raw Cambodian Hair Reviews just to draw buyer’s attention. Below are several examples:


Fake Cambodian Hair Reviews

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Some would even use same Hair Review under different clients’ names (Oops!!!)


It is really easy to tell if a Cambodian Hair Review is truthful or not. There would be some points for you to look at:
1. Only trust who states out both good and bad sides of Cambodian Hair bundles. Nothing in this world is perfect, even the Earth is not round.
2. 100% Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles are usually frizzy and tangle a little bit. There ARE silky Cambodian Hair Weave but very rare. If they are, they are normally not wavy or curly. Cambodian Hair Salon and Cambodian Hair Sellers often use a special type of Hair Gel to obtain the wet, clean and shiny look for wavy and Curly Cambodian Hair Weave. If the Cambodian Hair Reviews you are reading does not match these characteristics, please think twice.

3. Cambodian Hair Reviews with pictures and videos are often more reliable. At least you know they are real human writing those Hair Reviews.
4. For wavy and curly textures, you could not expect every bundle would have the same curls and waves, even when they are 100% Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair. The maximum amount of Cambodian Hair Bundles that we can collect from one girl is 2. Perfect matching Cambodian Hair bundles and closures would have high percentage to be processed.
5. Good Cambodian Hair Weave Reviews are always from those who write the Hair Reviews after months or at least several times wearing Cambodian Hair. It is better with pictures of before and after.


If you are looking for a Cambodian Hair Company as your wholesale vendor, my recommendation is not to depend on those Cambodian Hair Company Reviews on Youtube, especially those doing “Best Cambodian Hair Company Reviews”, “Best Cambodian Hair Companies”, “Best Cambodian Hair Bundles” with a GIVEAWAY. So by which way can you tell that a Cambodian Hair Sale Company is credible? Easy!
1. Visit their factory
If you have enough time and money to spend on a business trip, this is the best choice and best Cambodian Hair Company Review ever. You can not only see and test the hairs yourself, but can also keep it as your own business secret, with that not being shared everywhere on public social media. By visiting the factory, you are able to take pictures and videos of the making process, which builds up the credibility of your business and makes your Cambodian Hair Sales go more smoothly.
Also, Southeast Asia Area are full of Real Human Hair Options, you can take time to compare tons of companies that locate near each other. It does not cost much once you arrive there.
2. Video chat
This is the second best Cambodian Hair Cambodian Hair Review. With this option, you are able to see the Cambodian Hair Bundles and Cambodian Hair Factory. A note for you is that not every Sales would work on their factory. You might have to start a conversation first and set up a time when will the Sales would be available at the Factory. The best part is it does not cost any penny at all.
3. Testing Cambodian Hair Bundles yourself by placing samples
Honestly this would cost a lot with trial and error, but it is good for your Cambodian Hair Sale. You can only know their actual delivery time and their customer service when you buy from afar.


Where to buy Cambodian Hair? Layla Hair is also a good option too. We welcome every client who would want to visit our factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. We have our Cambodian Hair picked very carefully by our KCS team living in Cambodia. For those who are ready to try some bundles as samples, we gladly let them take the 100% Cambodian Hair Bundles away with our wholesale price. Interest? Contact us in the chatbox below