We all know how important exercising is. Not only for our own health, but exercising also helps with mental ilness, forcing you to think about other stuff, and focusing.

If you are the kind of person who procrastinate to do anything but still feel like you should somehow exercise, then I have some tips for you:

1- Find some sport you feel comfortable with:

blue fit

I know it might be hard, but once you find it exercising will become a easy and funny thing to do.

2- Take some time in your daily life to do it:

It doesn't need to be every day! You can practice sports once or twice in a week and It'll be enough. Don't force yourself to exercise more than you can handle. After a while, you can increse the days you work out if you want to!

3- If you enjoy watching anime, try to watch the ones about sports:

anime free! anime anime

It might souds a bit weird, but sports anime can really motivate you to start exercising.
They show you how it works, the rules, how fun it is. You would be surprised by how funny and educative it can be.

4- Start eating healthy food:

By eating healthy food you start getting used to the healthy lifestyle what usually is a good step to start exercising more. When you commit to a healthy diet, you start enjoying the idea of being healthy and It can possibly make you get excited about actually doing some exercise to continue whit the healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope this helps you get motivated to exercise more and more <3
Ps: Sorry for the bad english. I'm still learning hehe.

Bye <3