Essentials for Every Girls Bag


pink, girl, and blonde image Image by Patty 🇧🇷


nails, Prada, and luxury image nails, Louis Vuitton, and luxury image

Hair Brush or Comb

hair, girl, and beauty image rose gold, hair, and beauty image

Pepper Spray

alternative, crybaby, and pink image hot pink, pink, and pepper spray image
For safety precautions of course.

Pens/Pencils & Notebook

cute, aesthetic, and soft image aesthetic, goals, and notebook image
This is very helpful to have a notebook and a pen to jot down thoughts or reminders

Hair Ties/Scrunchies

accessories and hair ties image fashion, girls, and style image

Portable Charger

unicorn, blue, and iphone image charger, hello, and kitty image


earbuds, headphones, and minimal image girl image

Advil/ Prescribe medications/ Cough Drops

pills, advil, and red pills image crackle, sick, and halls image
If you get sick or have a headache out of nowhere like me, it's always a good idea to have these around.

Lip Balm/Lipstick

eos and nails image makeup, beauty, and lipstick image


chanel, luxury, and nails image nails, chanel, and perfume image
Preferably the small mini perfume, so it won't take up too much space

Lady Essentials (Tampons or Pads)

bag, handmade, and little image abs, always, and color image

Makeup Remover

pink, victoria secret, and makeup remover wipes image makeup, tumblr, and quality image

Hand Sanitizer

colors, girl stuff, and sanitizer image fragrance, girl, and pink image

Tissues/Baby Wipes

the fault in our stars image sunglasses image
To Blow your nose or wipe your face

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