Oh, it's so easy to talk to you boy, it's so easy when I have your attention, but if you ignore me, like the most time, I don't know if I'm going too far, if I'm going to take us for granted, I don't even know what you are thinking about me, what I mean to you. Can I expect something from you, or should I mind my own business, staying away from you?
Sure, you don't even think of me, I don't come to your mind, not even when I send you a message, if I'm too much for you, say it to me, please, I don't know what I might doing wrong,
I don't know what I should do baby, like, what are you even think of me? Because when I see you, I know what I want, I want some of those nights with you, I wanna loose myself in your deep blue eyes, I wanna talk to you forever, I wanna see your incredible lips moving with every word you say - to me, baby.
But anyways - you don't care about me, boy.
When you looked at me, did you saw somebody else in my eyes, when you kissed me, did you wanted me, or did you just kissed me because I was there and it made sense?
Just like you would have kissed any other girl instead of me just because she might be next to you in a special moment, just like it was me in this moment, next to you, while outside the snow was falling and you was pressing your lips against mine. I hope that just this meant something to you, and you remember that.
I know that you'll never care or never even think about me - but it's okay, I just want you to remember me, remember how you looked at me, how you kissed me, baby, how you talked to me, how you stare in my eyes, how you called me a bad girl, your mad girl, and how I don't wanted to let you go, after your soft lips slightly touched mine, one last time.