1. My celebrity role model is Rowan Blanchard.
2. My BFF love about me the most is that I know how to make her laugh!
3. I'd never want people to mistakenly think I'm rude.
4. My favorite Gossip Girl character is Blair Waldorf.
5. I'd rather recieve this as a gift are comfy pajamas.
6. My teacher would probably describe me as the go-getter.
7. Visitors would probably catch me doing tutoring after school!

By Working Hard!
Like Skai Jackson, I'm a girl who's always looking for my next move. Whether it's striving to create the most epic science fair project or planning my own fashion line, I love to aim high- nothing stands in my way! Take this year to build the best verision of myself so I can shine through to others. When people see me radiating with happiness and success, they'll be inspired to do the same for themselves!