Hello Hearters,

Let's talk about apps, today. Everyone uses them and I am going to list here my favourite ones that I use everyday.

1) Twitter.

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Twitter is one of my favourite social. I subscrive there in 2011 for stalking Adam Lambert and thanks it I feel more connected with him and that's what it really happend. Because twitter I am able to talking with him and to follow his career. I met also so many beautiful people who became my friends and I am so glad about it. Sadly, nowdays twitter's users changed a lot: there are many stupid people who always judge you. but if you follow the right people and you don't reply to every tweet that bother you, it's okay and it's a very good social. I am happy to be there for sharing all my feels and works.

2) We Heart It.

Of course, this is one of my favourite social. It inspires me for writing (not only for this opportunity to write aricles, but also for the images that inspire me for my stories). I love to collect images i love and create aesthetics, also it help me to collect all my images, find new ones and give a face to my characters. Thank God for this social.

article heart

3) Tv Time.

This social saved my life. I fucking love it. I follow so many tv shows and thanks to this app I can organize them, vote my favourite character, read the comments and meet so many people like me. This app is my life.

Superthumb Superthumb

4) Tumblr.

I don't use tumblr as I used do, but I still love this social. It's full of fandom things and people with you can fangirling. The photosets are so beautiful and there I can find many news about the show I follow. It's the place in which you can find your favourite otp, some porn and a beautiful quote. This is the Tumblr I like.

tumblr Superthumb

5) Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp.

I love this game since I had the ninendo. It is an obsession and I can play it for hours. It's full of cute characters and so many funny things to do. I love it and I am waiting for the other new nintendo apps.

android Superthumb

That's all, hope you follow my advice and you download these awesome apps.

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- themermaidwriter.