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Today I'm going to write a review on Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette. I got this beautiful palette for Valentines Day and I'm using it every time when I put highlighter on. Highlighters from this palette are the best highlighter that I have tried so far ( I haven't tried many highlighters by now bcz I started doing my makeup year and a half ago, but I have some experience )
First some basic information about the palette : I paid $17.7 for mine but I think you can get it for lower price in USA. In Croatia products are more expensive than In USA so I'm sure that you will pay less than me .You get 9 g of product. There are four different highlighter shades.One is a rose gold cream with a silvery sheen( many people say that this is the superstar of palette), one is a muted pastel violet with a shimmer finish (my personal favorite), then there is an amber colored one with a similar finish and finally there is a white, slightly yellowish, pale gold with a strong frost finish. The pigmentation is great and depending on how light or heavy you apply it you can achieve different levels of highlight. Staying power is up to 8 hours. Highlighters are easy to blend and they are pigmented.The gold packaging is beautiful and convenient, plus you get the mirror in it . I think that this palette works better for pale girls and it is not for natural glowing looks because of its metallic shine. I'm giving it 4.5/5

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