What happened to my Romeo?

By Probablyancientbeauty

"Love starts here"

So many of you have realised that I've stopped my Boys and Crushes series and that I've especially stopped talking about Romeo heres why.

Every month I gain a so many new followers who I call my friends and within that people that I personally know have started finding this account and thats totally cool but they'll be able to tell who is who etc.

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Romeo and I talk once every month but other than that we usually hang out ... he still give me beautiful stares and sits next to me every so often.

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And I know that theres this other girl who's pretty close to him who i think she hates me now for "hanging" out with him but if she's dating him they might as well say otherwise there will be more girls and funny to say its a lot of the freshies to the school who dig him.

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I know this is pretty short and self explanatory that I'm going to remain this mystery boy of mine private and please respect that. Who knows.. I might make a 2nd series of Boys and Crushes but in the mean time my heart still belongs to him and therefore the 2nd series shall't go ahead.

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xoxo - probablyancientbeauty


P.s we aren't dating yet, its an awkward friendship where we don't know what to call "us".