Hey Folks !

So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48. With that challenge you'll get to know me a little more. Here's the list of questions I'll be answering.

If you want to see Day 4 about things I would tell my 16-year-old self:

I hope you'll enjoy !

What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

1. Family

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Since my sister moved out it brought us four weirdly closer so I'm enjoying it at the time.

2. Friends

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I have great friends and even if I can't see them every day anymore, as we are all spread across France, we are staying in touch and try to see each others as much as we can.

3. Music

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It is always a way to feel good, I sing along and dance alone in my room and just forget everything else.

4. Cooking

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I started cooking a lot recently, mostly with my mom and it brings me joy. It's just this good feeling of eating something you made, knowing what you are really eating and being healthier.

5. Travel to come

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I'm going with a friend visit the Harry Potter studios this summer after my big exam at the end of the school year. We are going to stay 5 days in London and I can't wait!

Here is the whole 30 Day Get To Know Me Challenge: