Today we're talking about this 13 year old hoe Danielle Cohn, she's the biggest hoe I've ever saw in my entire life.

So this hoe Danielle, she's dating an 18 year old man probably, and you know she's 13, He's called Sebastian, Why is this little kid dating an 18 year old man, like I'm totally confused, I'll suffocate if I was Sebastian.

This 13 year old hoe has been posting Instagram photos, she has been photo shopping them, her butt isn't that big, her waist isn't tiny, she dresses up like an grown adult, I seriously am about to suffocate, and this question is so important, wHeREs yOUr mOm??

She try's belly dancing on her's, She's so failing, you can compare between her Instagram photos and videos, Her waist is fat in her's and her YouTube videos, her waist is tiny in Instagram, same with the butt.