Hello Guys, what's up? Hope you're well. So since I love music and exercising I was thinking '' I'm gonna make a workout routine'', and guys I don't go to the gym and believe I have abs and this makes me so happy, because I always want to have abs and now I have, so before we start I want to tell that I'm not a professional, but this work in an amazing way for me ad burn so well, so let's start.

Fall in love with the progress and the results will come.

5 Burpees.
5 Squats.
10 Knee to elbow.
10 Side leg raises.

30S Plank Twist.
30S Mountain Climber.

30S Plank.
30S Hip Dips plank.

30S Wall sit.
30S Leg lift.

30S Bird Dog.
30S Donkey kicks.

30S Leg Straight.
30S Boat.

The 30S Lower v-scissors.
30S glute bridge.

30S Lunges.
30S Deep Lunges.

1M Side Plank Crunch.
1M Russian Twist.

1M Jack Knives.
1M Abs Bikes.

1M Side Plank

2 Part:
1M Side Plank Crunches.
1M Plank.
1M Side Plank.
1M Knee to the elbow.
20 Leg Raises
50 Leg Lift

If I feeling that I keep going and I'm motivated enough, I make this sequence

15 Squats.
40 Mountain Climber.
5 Push-ups.
10 Toe Taps.
30S Plank Tap.
10 Jumping Jacks.
10 Crunches.
10 Lunges (each).
10 Superman Plank.
10 Cross Lunges.
10 Side Lunges.

and a little of Yoga, so guys this is what I do and what works for me, If you're going follow that remember that you make this for yourself and no one else, so I think that is all I have to say.
By the way, Thank you so much for reading this and give me your amazing time, I hope you have a beautiful day or night (I don't know), bye.