1. Sing

I need you darling
Come on, set the tone

2. Let It Go

Don't let them in, don't let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be

3. Problem

I got one less, one less problem

4. Home

Home, let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you

4. You Learn 'You've Got A Friend

You live, you learn
You love, you learn
You cry, you learn
You lose, you learn

5. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

All I know is that to me
You look like you're lots of fun
Open up your loving arms
Watch out, here I come

5. It Must Have Been Love

It must have been love
But it's over now

6. Arthur's Theme

When you get caught between the Moon and New York City
I know it's crazy but it's true

7. I Want To Break Free

I've fallen in love
I've fallen in love for the first time

8. Cool Kids

I wish that I could be like the cool kids
Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in

9. Rise

We are young we are the dreamers we will fly
When the world will not believe us
We will rise above the ashes

10. Listen To Your Heart

Listen to your heart
When he's calling for you
Listen to your heart
There's nothing else you can do

11. Come Sail Away

Cause I've got to be free
Free to face the life that's ahead of me

12. This Time

This time no one's gonna say goodbye
I keep you in this heart of mine
This time I know it's never over

13. I Lived

Yeah With every broken bone
I swear I lived