dear best friend,

i dont say it enough but im so grateful to have you in my life. we click. you get me. i get you. i never thought i would find someone like you, who i dont even have to fully explain a feeling; you just get it. you frown the second i feel upset, angry or uncormfortable, becasue you do the same thing.

you are open with me, and that means alot to me, becasue i know you trust me. everyday when i get off the bus and leave the laughter and happiness behind with you, i cry. i cry every single day because you make me happy and i feel angry and sad when im not with you. you make evrything else in the world like school, family, friends, sport, drama and stress just fade away.

the second i feel sad or like im going to break down, what ever time of the day or night it is, i can count on you for support and love and happiness.

so to sum it all up, thank you for making me happy, best friend.