Calum Thomas Hood,
is a boy who was thousand miles away from me.
It felt so good,
to be infatuated with this guy already.

He was physically far away from my touch,
but he was emotionally there for my heart.
I know I sound ridiculous this much,
but loving him is art.

He may not know me and my existence,
but he will always be a part of my life.
Though there is a gap between us which is distance,
I thank god for his voice that’s keeping me alive.

Those pretty brown eyes,
plump and luscious lips.
His cute and tired sighs,
all because of a thousand different trips.

The sad thing is,
I will never have the chance to meet this lovely guy.
The idea of being his,
is nothing but a sweet lie.

I need to stop telling myself that dreams do come true.
How is it possible if I’m far away from the truth?
His smiles and laughs are making me blue.
Truth is a bullet but my heart isn’t bulletproof.