I loved him,
But he didn't love me back

The darkness enveloped me,
Swallowed me whole

Leaving behind a shadow,
In the light

The chains grew tighter around my heart,
My mind left confuzzled

Spiralling into a deep abyss,
Filled with the horrible truth

I’m not good enough,
For him or for anyone else

The voices,
They want me to end it

End it all,
I want to too

But I'm weak,
I fear the world, I fear pain

I want to show him,
I can do this, I can get past this

I can be the popular pretty girl,
I can have boys chase after me

No, no you can’t,
The voice told me

And I believed it,

✰ ________________________✰

Article Song

FRIENDS - Marshmello, Anne-Marie

Being left alone, with my mind, is actually quite dangerous.

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