Hi guys. So, I wanted to write this a long ago but I had time for that, but now I'm here writing this for you people so you can know something about me. :) so, let's get into it.

1. Morning or a night person? - Morning. I guess
2. Afraid of the dark? - I am.
3. Are you an extrovert or introvert? - introvert
4. Are you double jointed? - I have no freaking idea what that means. :D
5. Left or right handed? - Right
6. Are you more of a tidy or a messy person? - I think I'm both.
7. Are you on time or always late? - Always on time. I hate when I'm late.
8. Are you ticklish? - Is the sky blue?
9. Can you curl your tongue? - I can :D
10. Can you ice skate? - No I'm lame.
11. Can you wiggle your ears? - I can.
12. Coffee or tea? - both.
13. Cookies or donuts? - Cookies :3
14. Did you ever participate in a talent show? - No, I don't have a talent for anything.
15. Did you go to prom? - no, if you mean the one in the school. If no, than yes. :D
16. Do you like school? - depends
17.Do you believe in ghosts? - hell yes.
18. Do you bite your nails? - always.
19. Do you consider yourself a good cook? - I don't know how to cook so, no.
20. Do you enjoy dancing? - Yes. When I'm alone.
21. Do you enjoy DiY? - No.
22. Do you forgive easily? - I do. But I can't forget.
23. Do you have a nickname? - Ali
24. Do you have any allergies? - Yes. On celery and some plant.
25. Do you have any phobias? - Yes. I'm affraid of clowns and spiders.
26. Any piercings or tattoos? - I wish I had a tattoo. I don't have a piercing.
27. Do you have children? - Yes. My doggie. :D
28. Do you have siblings? - I have a sister.
29. Do you have pets? - A doggo.
30. Dogs or cats? - Both, but dogs.
31. Mac or PC? - PC
32. Beach or the mountains? - Both.
33. Bath or shower? - Shower
34. Do you sing in the shower? - oh, yes I do. :D
35. Do you smoke? - No. But I used to.
36. Do you speak any different languages? - well, since english is not my first language I speak english and a bit of spanish and russian.
37. Do you still have your wisdom teeth? - yes
38. Do you watch cartoons? - ofc :3
39. Do you/have you played and sports? - No.
40. Does your name have a special meaning? - I think it means light.
41. Have you ever been to a concert? - Yep :3
42. What's your lucky number? - 7
43. What's your star sign? - I'm a scorpio.
44. Who's your celebrity crush? - Louis Tomlinson.
45. Pizza or burger? - Both, but pizza.
46. Favourite movie? - Lol, The conjuring
47. Favourite serie? - Supernatural, Prison Break
48. Favourite colour? - blue
49. Dress or jeans? - Jeans
50. How old are you? - 18

So, this has been my 50 questions/answers. Hope you enjoyed it a bit and thank you if you came all the way to the end. :D