This is not a rant but a disheartening experience. Well, how do I start or where do I start? Lets start with my excitement. Once the ticket selling was announced with all the buildups created with the announcement of special access cards and what the ticket would look like, I can say that it really does excites me and affect me in a positive way. It gives me life. It gave me that giggly feeling of "kilig" again that I thought I lost when I entered college. I have the money. Although it is only exact for general admission and that was my last money I still grab it. I don't want to waste the opportunity and the experience. Yesterday, I gave it to my friend, what shocked me is that I am not hesitant but actually I am excited. I was like an 8 year old about to receive the doll she'd been requesting ever since she remembered. And today is the day of the ticket selling. My friend failed to buy, and I am not mad at her though. But what I feel is emptiness. Why am I making a big deal out of it? Well as a teenager I have always been dreaming of going to concerts especially EXO. Being a fan since 2013/2014, and been dreaming of going into one been cheering from afar, I guess that is just what I am supposed to do. Well, again as to what I have been doing ever since I was little, I will trust God into His plans and trust in Him that I might met EXO some other day. I will still stay positive. Jeremiah 29:11.
P.S: the photo is not mine