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January 22nd 2018
Little Crush

I had a dream that I had been staying at this guy Greg’s house, and it was time for me to go home. I kinda had a little crush on him, but I would never admit it or act on it fully because it was wrong due to our ages and the fact that he also had a wife.

In his little white car, he drove me back to my new tropical house in the mountains and parked outside. We both sat in silence for a while, waiting for my parents, which was odd considering he and I both knew it would be suspicious for them to even see him.

I had my legs open across the car seat which was joined to Greg’s seat, and I adjusted them so that his hand was pressed against my knee. I wanted to induce something, which was risky and wrong but for one last moment I wanted him where it mattered. I wanted to kiss him, on the cheek or mouth it didn’t matter— I wanted his hand to be pressed on the inside of my thigh—I wanted him to admit that he had feelings for me to, and we could act on those desires until I had to leave.

It was weird him not saying anything, he appeared very sad and distant all of a sudden with his eyes bloodshot.

I asked him in a soft voice “are you ok?” I wanted him to crack and give into me; to say he didn’t want me to leave.

“Yeah....” He said dryly.

Greg paused for a little while until his eyes were glossy with wet lashes and I can see visible tears. He began. “Look I-“ My mum comes to the window, and Greg instantly moves his hand away from my leg.

I knew this was my time to leave, and unfortunately since mum was there I couldn’t say goodbye, I had to act like he and I weren’t close or really known to each other. So without saying a final goodbye to Greg as he looked at my mum scared as hell, I got out. Mum asked, “Who’s this?” Clearly concerned and angry.

“Oh him? This is my friend Greg.” I said simply, covering up the fact that I had been staying with him the entire time I was away. I walked away from the car with mum, glancing back at Greg as a goodbye.

I reunited with dad as well once we got to the front door of our house which was off the side so no one could see unless they drove further up. I was smiling and hugging everyone in my family, and that’s when I saw Greg drive up, peeking out to see me with a desperate look in his eyes, he seemed to properly want to say goodbye, but he knew that was highly inappropriate and wasn’t going to happen. Clearly he didn’t care now.

Instantly my parents were concerned, and on guard. They had no idea who he was. We walked inside thinking he would leave; but that’s when I see him park his car. Just sitting and waiting. I knew this was a bad sign, and I was starting to freak out and so was the rest of my family.

We thought of a plan. We were going to run away like fugitives, and find a safe place like the police station and tell them about Greg's stalkish behaviour. All to protect me. So dad got his car, all of us were inside it but I ducked down so that when we drove out Greg would think I was now home alone. A sick part of me wanted to stay home alone, wondering what would take place. What would he do to me? Would we have loving sex, or would it be far sinister than that?

This house was a huge property and the drive way was very long, but it split off in another direction so you could go the back way. Which we did. Dad stopped the car just before we got onto the road, and we got out with our suit cases and starting running down the road knowing this was going to be a long trip.

Dream logic is very weird, but what can you do? Hahaha