This is going to be a little long as we'll go through some personal history. But, keep up! maybe you'd get inpired by the style I try to build.

What I Was :

"Do I Look Like I care ?"

I've always thought that clothes are not important and the best people are the ones who see my personality, so I always, litterally, wore the first thing that catches my eyes in the morning. Yeah, I was young and naive. I also thought that "I swear I'm cool" was written bold on my foreheard, otherwise, I don't know how people would've known.

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This was my last 7 years of fashion sense. Uglier.

"I Made The Effort Of Dressing Up"

That was basically me wearing my mom's clothes.
I generally ended up adding a jacket that was obviously too big.

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I didn't have any style or even strategy when buying clothes, Shopping sessions were a mess and I Never thought on giving away clothes I didn't wear anymore.
The worst thing is that no one ever told me I looked awful so I thought "YEAH! I have such a cool family and friends, they don't judge me based on my appearance."
Dude.I was wrong.
While checking myself in the mirror (thing that I never did before). I started feeling like it wasn't me.
I'm not a lazy person (more like average lazy, ya know). Yet, that's what I was seeing. I'm not messy. Yet, that's what my wardrobe was (the doors didn't even close anymore). It had to change!

What I Want To Be :

My inspiration : Noora from Skam. 90' grunge aesthetics. Random Collection on WHI... etc

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1) Black & White :

I love how simple and easy it is to build an outfit out of black and/or white items. Now, when I buy clothes, I always make sure that they fit with most of what I already have.

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2) Stripes+Primary Colors :

As a beginner in Fashion, I don't really go out of my comfort zone yet, but I try to keep it trendy and colourful.

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3) Pastels :

I like how any piece of clothing looks cute with a pastel colour.

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Thanks for reading this. If you enjoyed and you want to know more about my life-changing choices or simply how I deal with life, check my other articles right below. Peace.