Hey everyone, welcome to my second article. Today I give you my ranking of 10 Nicholas Sparks Movies. So here it goes :D

1. A Walk To Remember :

This movie is my favourite Nicholas sparks movie but also my favourite movie of all time. Its story is so touching and heartwarming..
What I love the most about this movie is the authenticity of its story and the sensitivity of its actors. If you’re planning to spend a sleepover night with your girls or even a romantic one with your boyfriend or husband, I highly recommend that you watch it.

A Walk to Remember image

2. The Notebook :

I presume everybody watched this movie before, so we can say it’s a romantic cliché , but it’s still a very good movie to watch if you wanna spend a sad night alone crying; something that i do most of the time. Or if you’re not afraid to cry in front of your lover; something that i never do :p

love, the notebook, and couple image

3. The Best Of Me :

(Spoiler alert to the people who never watched it)
I have cried my eyes out after watching this movie; i don’t know about you but i find it just so sad and happy at the same time.

couple, movie, and the best of me image

4. Nights In Rodanthe :

Just re-watched it tonight, amazing movie, perfect actors for the roles. In brief, go watch it ! xD

beautiful, black white, and couple image

Without further ado, I’ll leave you now with the rest of the movies, with pictures of my favourite scenes of them.

5. The Last Song :

miley cyrus and the last song image

6. Dear John :

love, quotes, and dear john image

7. The Longest Ride :

movie, quotes, and love image

8. Safe Haven :

movie, romance, and safe haven image

9. The Choice :

movie, nicholas sparks, and wallpaper image

10. The Lucky One :

zac efron, the lucky one, and movie image

Thank you all for reading, Hope you enjoyed it !